About Us



‘’Travelling Heritage’’ is a travel agency working on inbound tours. Our mission is to provide travel opportunities, which gives the traveler unique and unforgettable experiences. We try our best to help the guests discover region and especially Georgia with its authentic charm. Not quite Asian, but not fully European either, Georgia is a great combination of eastern and western influences and ancient beginnings. Our country, with its natural beauty, history, culture, traditions, gastronomy and wine define our unusual travel packages. It has the timeless charm, which has always attracted people from all over the world. Our experience and competence is the basis for our wide range of customized activities. So we dedicate to every detail to make every traveler to trust us.



We offer guests tailor made tours in Georgia with 100 % comfort and safety guarantee. With us you can also experience unique Georgian traditions in mountains or feel modern life, while enjoying clubbing or luxurious activities.  That’s why we communicate with the guests for hours to understand how to impress them with their dreamed journey. So we provide clients customized travels, short trips, private tours, events for companies as well as VIP services for corporate guests – we fulfill extraordinary demands with competence and style.  Here with us you feel that you can travel, discover new beautiful destination and experience being part of the great history and culture without any difficulties.  It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our country and assist in every detail guests may need during their stay in Georgia. Our professional and experienced staff will be 24 hours at the disposal to make the journey unforgettable for every traveler.