Art Tours

Georgian art has evolved for millennia. The location of Georgia on the crossroads of Asia and Europe has brought travelers, writers, merchants, missionaries and conquerors of all kinds and creeds, and defined the country’s cultural and artistic environment throughout its history. Georgian art tradition is influenced by Mesopotamian, Anatolian, Greek, Persian, Roman and Byzantine art throughout antiquity. It has further grown within the framework of Christian ecclesiastical and middle-eastern art of the middle ages, and ultimately it has evolved in the context of European and Russian art from the 19th century onwards.

Georgia is rich with its medieval and enchanting artifacts, which are protected in museums of Georgia. Among the great treasures, visitors can enjoy seeing the medieval man’s remains, unique archeological and ethnographical  artifacts, golden and silver jewelries from ancient Colchis, a rich heritage of Christian culture, primary oriental monuments, a variety of Georgian and European painters and other enchanting and great works. Also, within our private and unique tour, as well as seeing unique and protected artifacts, we can also arrange meeting with famous painters or sculptors, with whom you can travel in the history of their unique artworks. In addition, you can visit Georgia’s National Center of Manuscripts, where you can see more than 170.000 items sorted in Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Syrian, Ethiopian, Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Slavic languages (dated from I c. up to XX c.).

Georgian Heritage offers you the great opportunity to visit and see our country’s treasure held in our museums, we give you the unique opportunity to see ancient artifacts, the works of great painters or sculptors, who has been, as well as has not been exhibited and is protected by the Government of Georgia.

Nowadays many famous artists have their exhibitions in different private galleries and also in state museums from time to time. Their work is very important for our modern culture and has a big influence for young artists.