Eco Tourism

As a product ecotourism is very important, because all tourist activities practiced in a natural environment and contributing to the development of the local economy. Ecotourism provides an effective economic incentive to maintain and improve bio-cultural diversity and helps to protect the natural and cultural heritage of our beautiful planet.

Eco-tourism is a relatively new trend for Georgia; however, as throughout the whole Caucasus region, the country has great potential for development of this type of recreation.

Georgia, thanks to the rich cultural heritage and a wide range of ecosystems, from subtropical rainforests, mountain steppes to alpine ecosystems, offers a huge potential for the development of various forms of ecotourism. If you want to visit cave towns and castles, hidden high in the mountains, canyons, unique frescoes in the abandoned monasteries, you should travel in Georgia. If you want to visit the most amazing lakes, beautiful waterfalls, drink water from clear springs, you should travel in Georgia.

So if you want to discover something very new and special, you should visit:

National Parks and major wildlife sanctuaries – About 15 % of the country are declared as areas to be protected.  Their favorable routes and safe situation right in the heart of Georgia, the national parks have become an ideal place for fans of ecotourism, trekking, for walkers.

Horse riding – In the mountain village of Georgia the horseback is the most popularly activate, horse riding on the mountain slopes of Georgia is an experience and impression that you will never forget.