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“Fashion, nightlife and the arts are flourishing in Georgia’s capital, with the seeds of creativity sown by a growing number of young artists and collectives eager to shake up the system.” – The Guardian.

Nowadays Georgia is famous not only for modern clothes, but also for our traditional ones. The chokha is a wool coat, typically worn by men, with cartridge holders on the chest. They were once basic folds, later made to hold bullets and gunpowder; now, they are simply ornamental.

During the Soviet era, the skills for making a chokha were a bit lost, but now it’s coming back. Many Georgian designers such as David Koma went back to his roots with a thigh-skimming homage, asymmetrically placing cartridges on his signature body-hugging dresses.

The Tbilisi store Samoseli Pirveli is known for re-creating traditional Georgian dress and selling different versions of the piece. 

Head designer of Vetements and the creative director of Balenciaga is famous Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia.

Georgia is famous for its fine jewelry, metal engraving, dagger, felt, enamel, handmade carpets. Kantsi – which is traditional handmade cup for drinking wine.

From ancient times, Georgian craftsmen used enamels when processing precious metals. Glazed ceramics have marked significance. Craftsmen adorned their products with beautiful and refined shapes.

The Georgian national art of beadwork is centuries old. It is still very popular craftwork in Georgia.