Resort and relax

Georgia is very famous of its Balneology resorts, people all over the world visit our resorts for health care, relax and rest.

Borjomi is a resort town in south-central Georgia. It is one of the districts of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region and is situated in the northwestern part of the region.  Borjomi is famous for its mineral water industry (which is the number one export of Georgia). Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of stone baths in the area, proving that these mineral waters have been utilized by people for thousands of years. It is a frequent destination for people with health problems, because of the supposed restorative and healing powers of the area’s mineral springs. Borjomi is also home to the most extensive ecologically-themed amusement park in the Caucasus.

Tskaltubo is a spa resort in west-central Georgia. It is the main town of the Tskaltubo Municipality of the Imereti province. The health resort Tskaltubo is famous for its mineral springs of warm Radon waters (natural temperature 33 -35 degrees). Since the 1940s the resort has been very popular throughout the Soviet Union for its healing properties.

The health resort Sairme is located to the south of Kutaisi, 950 meters above sea level. The unique location of Sairme offers healing springs, an ecologically clean environment, and beautiful nature. It is located in a subtropical mountainous area. The medicinal qualities of the mineral and thermal springs at Sairme were already well known in the 19th century. Several small springs flow on the territory of the resort. They differ in their chemical composition and medicinal treatment qualities, and each spring was given specific number after chemical analyses were conducted.

The mountain resort Bakuriani is situated on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, 29 kilometers from Borjomi, at an elevation of 1,700 meters (5576 feet) above sea level in the sub-tropical zone. The snow blanket remains for 4-5 months but in the summer the aroma of the coniferous trees and other climatic factors create ideal conditions for rest and recreation.

Batumi makes a good introduction to Georgia, with its relaxed atmosphere. Here you can discover diverse nature, in this little city you can enjoy the sea as well as mountains and great waterfalls..

On the territory of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, in the gorge of river Nunisistskali, is situated climatic spa resort of Nunisi, 27 km away from Kharagauli. The name of the village is connected with therapeutic water curing skin disease of itching. Unique microclimate of Nunisi is shaped up by mingled, deciduous and coniferous forest. Natural treatment factors – climate and highly moisturized water are especially good for those who suffer from skin and neurological disorders. Water deeply penetrates tissues and facilitates dissolution of affected layers of skin.