Kakheti, Georgia

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Telavi – the capital of the Eastern province of Kakheti, is home to several of the region’s world-famous wineries, art museums, castles and a theater highlighting folk singing and dancing.

Batonis Tsikhe castle served as the residence of Kakhetian Kings between 17th and 18th century. The castle encloses two churches, the ruins of a royal bathhouse, and the Persian style Palace of King Erekle II.

Alaverdi – The earliest structures of the Alaverdi Monastery date back to the 6th century, although the present day cathedral is a part the 11th century Georgian Orthodox monastery. Alaverdi is located 18 kilometers from Telavi and is one of the tallest religious buildings in Georgia.

Ikalto – Ancient academy of Ikalto is famous for the fact that Shota Rustaveli, the outstanding Georgian poet of the 12th century, used to study there. Monastery complex is located 8 km to the north of Telavi. The complex incorporates three churches dating back to the 6th, 9th and 12th centuries.

Alexandre Chavchavadze Museum – During the 19th century, the Tsinandali complex belonged to renowned Georgian poet and public figure Alexandre Chavchavadze. The complex consists of a beautiful garden with over 1,000 varieties of trees and plants from all over the world. There are wine cellars with unique collections of wines.

Sighnaghi – Due to its special and unique architecture and natural location Sighnaghi is one of the most beautiful towns in Georgia. Built 790 meters above the sea level, it overlooks beautiful landscape of Alazani Valley and Caucasus Mountains. Sighnaghi wall with the length of about 5 kilometers and 23 towers was built in King Erekle II’s times in 1770s.


Bodbe Monastery – Built in IX century and remodeled in the XVII, Bodbe Monastery is one of the most important pilgrimage places in Georgia, because country’s patron saint, St. Nino, is buried there. It overlooks Alazani Valley from a little hill.

David Gareja – On the border with Azerbaijan, the ancient monastery complex of Davit Gareja is one of the most remarkable of Georgia’s historic sites. Davit Gareja comprises about 15 monasteries spread over a remote area, but visitors usually just see two – Lavra and on the hill above it, Udabno, which has beautiful frescoes.

Tusheti – is located in Georgia’s far northeast corner, it is popular summer hiking and horse-trekking area. It remains one of the country’s most picturesque, fascinating and pristine high-mountain regions. The road to Tusheti is regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in the world and has been listed into BBC-s agenda.