Wine and culinary

Wine and Culinary

Georgia is the birthplace of wine according to a number of the world’s competent experts. Even the unique Georgian alphabet is modeled after the shape of the vines curly offshoots. Up to 500 indigenous grape varieties are still cultivated here. Wine is part of Georgian heritage including architecture, poetry, and songs, and is associated with celebrations, holidays and rituals.  Through the long history of the Georgian nation, the vine has gained iconic significance in Georgia. It is a symbol of regeneration, of wealth and plenty.

“They’ve been making wine for thousands of years in this Black Sea country – and now it’s at the forefront of a renaissance in traditional methods.” – The Guardian.

Kakheti is the most important wine region in Georgia. Thus, for this reason alone, it is also at the top of the tourist routes.

Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. The fertile valleys and protective slopes of the Transcaucasia were home to grapevine cultivation and Neolithic wine production for at least 8000 years. Georgian winemaking is renowned for its unique methods. The tradition of making wine in Qvevri is a key sign that distinguishes Georgian wine from all other wines in the world. The ancient tradition of Qvevri winemaking in Georgia is now recognized by UNESCO as a significant intangible cultural heritage.

You can do anything in Georgia that is connected to wine. In autumn you can join making wine in traditional ways. You can taste different kind of wines whole year, mold wine especially for you.

Georgian cuisine is probably the most important attraction of the country. Since the traditional Georgian feast is an integral element of culture, Georgian entertainment should match its high level. Georgians have managed to make their cuisine not only magically delicious but also bright, original, exquisite, unique and unforgettable.

One more distinctive feature of Georgian cuisine is the use of plentiful of cheeses. In Georgia cheese is boiled in milk, fried on a spit, in a frying pan, soaked, crushed, flavored with oil and spices. Each area of Georgia can brag about having the best cheese type. There are several hundreds of Georgian cheese courses having cheeses as ingredients.

For more information we will introduce you some of the most popular Georgian dishes:

Adjaruli Khachapuri comes from the southern Adjara region of Georgia. It’s a deep filled cheese boat. Loaded with cottage cheese, then topped with cheese and browned in the oven.

Khinkali comes in many varieties – meat filled being the most common. It’s a large flour dumpling that wraps around a slurp able filling. All the flavors are sealed in and it is boiled to turn the center soupy.

Mtsvadi means “Barbecue” and Georgian cuisine include a lot of barbecue options!

Phkali in Georgian cuisine is a mousse made from a ground vegetable mixed with walnut paste and other herbs.

Churchkhela is probably the only dessert with a thread inside. With the help of a needle halves of several walnuts or full hazelnuts are put on a thread. Separately flour, sugar or honey, and grape juice are mixed on the high heat and then a strand of threaded nuts is placed inside and coated. The strand needs several days to dry well on the sun and then you can enjoy the crispy and nutritious Churchkhela.